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Welcome to the Danish Musicians' Union!
"Many good reasons for you to join DMF, the Danish Musicians Union," says Anders Laursen, Chairman.

As a musician or music teacher, you will find that there are many good reasons for you to join DMF, the Danish Musicians Union.

Standing united results in the bonding of a common spirit, something that has given many musicians advantages they otherwise would not have had, and something that has generally given musicians a stronger position on the market.

And the advantages do not stop there. Many a musician would go on record to say that the facilities, benefits and special offers DMF provides to its members would be reason enough to join.
If you would like to hear more about DMF, ask a fellow musician, check this web-site or contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

With kind regards and a warm welcome to DMF.

Anders Laursen

DMF offers you:

  •     Contractual advice (Re: recording, publishing, management etc.)
  •     Legal aid
  •     Tax advice
  •     Advice and assistance re: copyright
  •     Advice on unemployment benefits
  •     Courses, master classes, further education etc.
  •     Free members insurance
  •     Professional instrument insurance
  •     Reduced premiums on other types of insurance
  •     Car hire and hotel discounts
  •     Discount on CD production
  •     Members magazine ''MUSIKEREN''
  •     Newsletter on e-mail "MUSIKERENS e-NYT"


Contractual Advice

DMF will provide you with expert advice and counseling prior to signing any kind of contract or agreement whether it be related to performance, management, recording etc.

We will also actively assist you with your negotiations.

Tax Assistance

You do not have to wait until you have difficulties with your taxes before calling us. We cannot do your tax returns for you, but we are always on hand should you need advice and assistance.

Legal Aid

If you run into problems regarding payment, breach of contract or annulment, we will assist you with your case. DMF will also cover all costs and expenses for the cases it represents on behalf of its members.

Member's Magazine ''MUSIKEREN''

MUSIKEREN is our (Danish language) magazine for members (10 issues yearly) featuring news, interviews, reviews, instrument and equipment tests, wage scale adjustments, employment vacancies and all other developments within the profession. Check out www.musikeren.dk


MUSIKERENS e-NYT is our e-mail newsletter (published every 2nd week). Take a look here: enyt.musikeren.dk

Member Discounts

DMF has a Special-Price Arrangement with CD manufacturers which enables DMF members to obtain favorable prices.
DMF also has many agreements with a number of hotels nationwide (e.g. Scandic) and Europcar (car rental) that give our members discounts.


Project Grants

You can apply twice yearly to the DMF for financial grants for a variety of musical projects including further education, travel study, recording, record releases etc. Special application forms are available from DMF. More info (in Danish)

Nationwide Courses

High on DMF's list of priorities is further education for musicians and music teachers. Through our own education department - Artlab - we are able to offer a wide-ranging curriculum of classes and courses that vary from short 3-hour classes to further educational courses that can cover anything up to a 6 month period. We are continually developing our offers, that to date include instrumental and singing courses, music technology, music theory, arrangement, composition, media studies, career development, performance, economy, industry knowledge etc.

You can request a visit from an instructor (band coach), who will come and give expert help in your own rehearsal room. During periods of unemployment, musicians and artists can take advantage of a wide-range of full time courses designed specifically for job development. They include computer studies, media-studies etc. These courses are held in Copenhagen at the new Artlab department. (www.artlab.dk)

Music teaching

Music Teachers and Music Schools. DMF can offer members of the teaching sector specific advice on matters concerning wage levels, assistance in wage and job description negotiations. As well as general advice concerning your working environment. DMF has two trade secretaries that specialise in this area. With the introduction of the new wage system (Ny Løn) to the public sector, salary negotiations have become especially important for music teachers, as terms of employment in principle have to be negotiated annually with the local government.


Free insurance coverage for all members
DMF pays for and provides three essential insurances for all its members. More info about insurance (in Danish)

Group-life Insurance

Group-life insurance and accident insurance covers you 24 hours a day all over the world. Both insurances cover you until 67 years of age. Group-life insurance covers you in the event of death (not death by accident), and compensation of DKK 100,000 will be paid to your next of kin or your heirs.

Accident and Dental Insurance

Compensation will be paid for disability and/or dental damage in the event of an accident.
Insurance will be paid out on a degree of disability of 5% or over and the compensation amount is calculated in proportion to the degree of disability.
The insurance amount can be up to a maximum of DKK 250,000.
Dental costs are paid on account.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance, covers accidental property damage during the course of a performance or music related work. Should you knock over a Ming vase with your violin case or accidentally walk into a glass door with your electric base, then you are covered.

Supplementary Insurances

DMF also offers a large number of other supplementary insurances to its members. For further details plus brochures please contact the union office.
Amongst the supplementary insurances we would like to draw your attention to DMF's special instrument insurance that we feel is:

Denmark's best instrument insurance

Instruments and equipment are of course every musician's life-blood, which is why DMF has ensured especially favorable priced instrument insurance for members. Members are covered worldwide and in all situations, including theft. No matter where your equipment is stolen from, be it a dressing room, vehicle, wardrobe, rehearsal room, or wherever you may keep or use your instruments, even on stage! Your insurance covers you, without a self-risk premium!
Call head-office for details: +45 35 240 240.



As an A-member you are a member of both DMF and the unemployment insurance fund FTF-A, which ensures income during periods of unemployment.

DMF does not have its own unemployment insurance fund but is linked to FTF-A, as are the Danish Actors Union and the Danish Choral Singers' Union.
As an A-member you are entitled to all of DMF's benefits.

For info on current A-membership rates please call +45 35240240 or e-mail to: dmf@remove-this.dmf.dk
If you are already a member of a similar organisation to the FTF-A, you can be transferred to the FTF-A - contact us at DMF's A-KasseService and we will guide you step by step.

Joining the union as a qualified student

Upon completion of a musical related curriculum of at least 18 months duration at a Danish Institute of higher learning, you may apply for membership as a graduate into the DMF/FTF-A.

FTF-A must receive your application within 14 days of completing your education. This is a strict deadline, which must absolutely be adhered to with no leverage for dispensation.
Obtain a special graduate brochure for further details. More info (in Danish) or at FTF-A (in English)

Transfers of FTF-A

You can be transferred from another unemployment insurance fund and still retain your seniority.

In order to be admitted or transferred to unemployment insurance fund you must be resident in Denmark and be at least 18 years but not 65 years.

Joining the unemployment insurance fund FTF-A

You can join the FTF-A as a musician if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must reside in Denmark (have a Danish CPR-Number)
  • You must be between 18 and 65 years old

Contact DMF's A-KasseService for further details and information with respect to the precise conditions and rules for documentation of work, unemployment support, payment, transfers etc.


F-members belong to DMF only. Any musician or music teacher, regardless of income, may apply and F-members can take full advantage of all DMF offers and facilities. For info on current rates please call +45 35240240 or e-mail to: dmf@remove-this.dmf.dk


U-members must be enrolled in an education. U-members share all the same rights as other members, but only pay half the subscription - For info on current rates please call +45 35240240 or e-mail to: dmf@remove-this.dmf.dk


U-members may be up to 23 years of age. U-23-members share all the same rights as other members, but pay a special reduced rate and enjoy a three months free-membership-trial period. For info on current rates please call +45 35240240 or e-mail to: dmf@remove-this.dmf.dk

Membership / Local Unions / Member Democracy

  • DMF is a federation of 27 local unions.
  • To join, complete and send in the application form in this brochure.
  • The local union offices hold a General Meeting once a year.
  • Whilst the federation organisation holds a general congress every four years.
  • Local unions elect about 90-100 congress delegates to take part in the congress, who then elect the new DMF chairman and vice chairman and 11 board members.
  • DMF has approximately 6,400 members.


Solid representation for members:
DMF is always at the forefront in representing its members. Members' interests are promoted and represented in various Danish music related organisations, rights organisations, promotional bodies and labour associations including:

  •     Repræsentantskabet for Kunstrådet
  •     ROSA - Danish Rock Samråd
  •     Danish Jazz Union
  •     Copydan
  •     Performex
  •     Gramex
  •     Danish Kunstnerråd
  •     Fællesrådet for Udøvende Kunstnere etc.
  •     FMM
  •     FTF-A
  •    FIM (international music organisation)
  •    Nordic Musicians' Union

(DMF has close ties to relevant Scandinavian, European and international organisations.)

Work Environment

DMF continually monitors and charts the most important elements of the musicians working environment. Accidents and injury are often the result of high decibel levels, hazardous installations, transport related duties, wrong lifting techniques and playing related injuries to the lips, hands etc. Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident or receive an injury, DMF will step in and help represent your case to your employer or public labor compensation bodies.

Wage Scales and Trade Agreements

DMF is constantly working to improve wages and wage agreements for it members. The musicians minimum wage or ''tariff''', which is broadly used within the industry, is the direct result of DMF's wage negotiations. Check with the DMF for info on current rates.
DMF also has minimum wage agreements with a number of employers throughout the country including Landsdelsorkestrene, Levende Music i Skolen (LMS), Danmarks Radio and many theatres.


Dansk Musiker Forbund
Sankt Hans Torv 26
2200 København N
Tel: 35 240 240 Fax: 35 240 250, dmf@remove-this.dmf.dk
Telephone and opening hours: Monday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


DMF is a member of FTF-A but has its own unemployment counseling (A-Kasseservice) offices in Copenhagen and Arhus to help members claim the benefits for which they are eligible.

DMF's A-KasseService Centres

Aarhus, Djursland, Randers and Silkeborg locals:
DMF's A-Kasseservice centre in Aarhus
Esben Bøgh Laursen
Vestergade 19, 2. sal
8000 Aarhus C
Tel: 86 18 45 99/ Fax: 86 13 07 78

Office Hours: Monday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday to Friday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Copenhagen and other locals:

DMF's A-Kasseservice centre in Copenhagen

Gitte Hansen og Ann Mari Nostrup
Sankt Hans Torv 26,
2200 Copenhagen
Tel: 35 240 240/ Fax: 35 240 214

Opening Hours: Monday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

DMF laws

Here is an extract of some central points in DMF's laws. The complete set of laws can be obtained upon request from DMF.

#1: Dansk Musiker Forbund whose head office is situated in Copenhagen, is a national organisation comprising of musicians, soloists, singers, music teachers etc.

#2: The union's objectives are:

    * To work towards promoting members' social, artistic and economic standing.
    * To protect members' creative rights and other common interests.
    * To represent members' common interests and initiate co-operation with related organisations nationally as well as internationally.
    * To work at the establishment of local departments where it is deemed necessary.

#3: The union's objectives (amongst other things) are to be realised by:

    * Actively seeking influence in musical and culturally political developments, nationally and internationally.
    * Participation in trade agreements.
    * Determining wage scale agreements for different member groups in the various areas of work.
    * Ensuring the members' right and access to education and further education.
    * Establishing necessary commercial companies, including distribution of a members' magazine.
    * Advising members in matters of social and economic significance, and
    * Offering and making accessible beneficial offers to members regarding insurance etc.

Acceptance into the union:

#1: To be accepted into the union, it is necessary to be active in at least one of the areas named in §1#1.

#2: A new member automatically becomes a member of the local area office in which he/she is residing or working.

Members' rights:

#1: Union members have the right to assist in all circumstances relating to the members' activities as described in and covered by §1#1.

    * The right to aid and assistance includes:
    * wage scale relations
    * contractual relations
    * copyright regulations
    * benefits and unemployment insurance fund relations (A-kasse)
    * Insurance coverage
    * Taxation matters
    * Plus any other work related situations.

#2: The union shall furthermore work at securing the following for its members:

    * Reduced or subscription related insurance against accident, death, damage to instruments and equipment as well as offers of private insurance.
    * Affordable and relevant possibilities for education and further education, and
    * Possibilities for advice and counseling with respect to both work-related areas and non-work related areas.

#3: The unions help to members is to follow the guidelines set by the union committee; that help be as optimal as possible in relation to a given situation and the given situation of union resources. The union has the right to act as it sees fit in any case it accepts to represent and may take part in negotiation and resolution of case decisions. Requests for assistance in a given case must be made directly to union head office or through the relevant local office.

#2: Members are obligated to pay union subscriptions at the rate set by congress.

#4: A member can under section 5, LEAVE the union with 1 month's notice from the 1st of a given month. If the union is at conflict, §18: #2: LEAVING can only occur by the consent of the board.

#5: Members are required at all times to comply with wage scales and regulations as set by the union, including rules and regulations regarding copyright, ownership and use of original works. Members are committed to allow the union to attend to copyright and ownership rights for up to one year after leaving the union. §19

#6: All forms of employment must be terminated in the form of a written contract that is acceptable to the rules and regulations set by the union and local office.

#1: Only the unions head committee can resolve wage scale negotiations and set a nationally valid tariff system.

#2: The head committee can on behalf of and in members' interests, negotiate agreements with consumers or groups of consumers who wish to utilise works to which members have ownership or copyright of and to set criteria for such use.

Join the union

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